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The Entrepreneur Pack

This pack is filled with everything you and your business needs to grow including your team structure, operations manuals, product planning, and so much more!

Includes: The Entrepreneur Binder, Business Mission Guide, Success Pack, Team Structure Overview, Marketing Procedures, Hiring Procedures, Customer Experience Pack, and our signature Working From Home Success Guide. This is a physical binder that is shipped to your home so you can fill it out as you grow your business. We will also include the printable version of all of the inserts so that you can update them as your business grows. All of the guides include instructions and examples to help you.

The Next Step Program

This six week program is designed to guide you through what is next big step in your entrepreneurial journey including weekly lessons and live sessions. Imagine in just six weeks having more clarity than ever before about the path of your business. No more should I do this or should I do that. No more but so and so says I should use this and I’m using that. The reality is there is no cookie cutter path to success as an entrepreneur. It’s all about seeing the different possibilities and choosing the one that works best for you and your business. Our six week program will take you through: Your 10,000 Foot View, Creating Your Business North Star, The Dream Team, Getting Visible, The Customer Success Journey, and Bringing It All Together. This program includes a dedicated weekly group call to help you get real time feedback on your business and give you the support you need to make this program and your business a success.

The Divine Community

Join our community of entrepreneurs who are moving through to six and seven figures and growing their businesses to levels they never thought possible. We know how it feels to talk about your business to others. The blank stares. The oh that’s cool responses to having been featured in a magazine. That’s why we created the Divine Community. Because we know how important the right support group can be for your business. We are here to celebrate every moment of your entrepreneurial journey with you. Our community includes a monthly success party, guest experts and members, and our quarterly virtual retreat mastermind.


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