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It’s Your Time To Take The Next Step

Being an entrepreneur is a journey. It’s both a physical journey and personal journey when it comes to expanding and growing your business. Sometimes the answers can be seen clearly, and other times the answers seem to be doing their best to hide for you. Here at the Divine Program, we have created a network and system to help you find those answers and make that next big leap on your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Services

The Entrepreneur Pack

This pack is filled with everything you and your business needs to grow including your team structure, operations manuals, product planning, and so much more!

The Next Step Program

This six week program is designed to guide you through what is next big step in your entrepreneurial journey including weekly lessons and live sessions.

The Divine Community

Join our community of entrepreneurs who are moving through to six and seven figures and growing their businesses to levels they never thought possible.

Meet Stephanie

I’m so glad that you have made your way here. Whether it be the internet, a friend, google, instagram, or the universe itself, you are here for a reason. I know this because I have been on that journey myself. I started my business with just a laptop and hotel internet. I had no clue what I wanted to do but I just knew I wanted to do it online while I was traveling. I spent 10 years building my business and growing both professionally and personally to achievements I never through possible. Had you told 19 year old me that in 20 years we would be living on the beach in Southern Italy working from home and snorkeling everyday, I would have most definitely laughed at the very thought of this kind of lifestyle. But this is my life now. And I want to help you create that kind of life for yourself.

My Happy Clients!

“I spent the first year of my business doing things the hard way. It wasn’t until I met Stephanie and followed the Divine Programs’ guidance that I realized just how much more difficult I was making things. I am so thankful for this program for helping me see just how easy it can all be.”
The Better Client Business

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